In Two Places At Once: Nike Mall of America x NYC Marathon

Who says you can’t be in two places at once? Nike hit us up to not only celebrate an almost week-long celebration of the grand opening of their Nike shoppe at the Mall of America but to also hold down the fort in NYC for the NYC Marathon.

Criss-crossing the lower 48, we were there to witness the largest ever group assembled in front of a Lensley device… 39 people!!

"Nike Mall of America Grand Opening Lensley Challenge Photo"

Heck, if people were standing upstairs on the 2nd floor, we would’ve caught them too. An impromptu, and fast-becoming tradition, “Lensley Challenge” was posed to a user to gather the most people she could get to stand in front of the Lensley for a group shot. Her reward? The Nike shirt off our back.. literally. Thank the heavens for undershirts!

Meanwhile, the folks in NYC were none too proud to floss their gold for finishing the marathon. People of all ages, sex, and ethnicities were captured in their best form, showing that Lensley brings the fun no matter how young or old, foreign or domestic you are. Lensley shows LOVE to ALL!

"Nike NYC New York City Marathon Lensley Photo"

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