Lensley @ Nike LA Destroyers X Downtown Artwalk

This past Thursday at LA’s now infamous Downtown Artwalk, Nike held a little launch party for their LA Destroyers campaign. Held inside an old bank building, the event was a huge success with the the powers that be (aka the fire marshall) almost shutting it down. And who could blame them? With a line wrapping around the block, amazing artwork by amazing artists, and photography by Ja Tecson, this was THE place to be! Featuring the likes of Mowii Madonna, Chauntal Lewis, and Michael Chacon, the LA Destroyers represented the City of Angels to the fullest.

The fine folks at Nike hollered at us for Automated Portraiture. With a magnetic backdrop and an enthusiastic crowd, Lensley once again brought the party to the party!


Lensley @ Write The Future at The Montalban Theater presented by Nike Sportswear

I don’t know what else can be said about The World Cup, it’s all in the books now. Vuvuzelas, questionable refereeing, and waking up mad early to catch the first game of the day were all topics of conversation and a way of life this summer. The undoubtably coolest place to take in all the action in LA was at Nike Sportswear’s Montalban theater in Hollywood. They packed them in like sardines all summer long and finally on Sunday to shout, cheer, and blow those damn horns! Thanks again Nike Sportswear for bringing us to celebrate the copa mundial and the awesome space you guys presented in The Montalban,


Lensley @ Pac Div Don’t Mention It Release Party at Nike Sportswear presents The Montalban

So when we heard that Pac Div, our supporters since day 0, were throwing a small get together at the Nike Sportswear spot in Hollywood it was a no brainer. At the time we had no idea that entailed carrying Lensley up 5 flights of stairs but hey, it’s all in a days work. A great time was had by all and we are glad to see these guys getting the pub they deserve.