The Lensley Challenge: How Many People Fit in Front of a Lensley?

The Lensley Challenge is up and running… national brand tour, store opening, bat mitzvah… it doesn’t matter! We want to know how many people you can get in a single shot. We thought we were doing big things at a wedding where they managed 12 people!


We were soon corrected, though, because the very next event got 16 friends, family and folks squeezed together and piled high in a smiling mass of humanity:


Then there was the BOOM! Nike Mall of America Opening where Minnesotans blew the lid off the challenge!  From 18 we went to 21 then to 26 then to THIRTY THREE people in one shot!  And these were strangers to each other, just a bunch of people willing to put their faces in the camera for a piece of immortality:


The question is… How many people can fit in front of a Lensley Automatic? Are you willing to take the Lensley Challenge?!

Train Hard. Hit Harder. Niketown Las Vegas

4 days of non-stop pre-fight excitement leading up to PACQUIAO-MARQUEZ III was captured in good old Las Vegas by the Lensley crew at the Niketown store in Caesars’ Palace as they debuted the new line of Manny Pacquiao gear.


1582-strip1   1642-strip1   1649-strip1


What’s better than completing the Chicago Marathon? A rocking party with medal customization, music, Lensley, and all the Nike gear you could want. Lensley was on hand for the lead-up, race day, and recovery at the Niketown in Chicago.


2146-strip1   2169-strip1   2324-strip1


Make Yourself

Nike Women’s Training brought it to the bay area to celebrate the opening of the new Lady Foot Locker.

Lensley was there to provide the coverage.

picture-51   picture-41   picture-61

Los Fearless


The Black Mamba owns Los Angeles.  From his fourth Most Valuable Player in the 2011 NBA All-Star Game to the billboards hanging on La Cienega to his golden visage staring down from the walls in the Foot Locker House of Hoops in the Beverly Center, Kobe Bryant is an icon that people look up to and try to emulate . . . and in steps Lensley.

Over the NBA All-Star Weekend, Lensley Automatic set up in the Beverly Center, capturing people and making them into NBA icons like Kobe.  Bathed in the same golden tones with the Los Fearless logo splashed across their chests, people got to hold basketballs and show off what they would do if they were on the court.  In the House of Hoops, people were projected larger than life, with three 60” screens rotating through thousands of photos, and a 3-story, 100’ looming projections over the crowds of All-Star Weekend in the middle of the Beverly Center!

Los Fearless and Lensley made icons of us all!

Lensley @ Write The Future at The Montalban Theater presented by Nike Sportswear

I don’t know what else can be said about The World Cup, it’s all in the books now. Vuvuzelas, questionable refereeing, and waking up mad early to catch the first game of the day were all topics of conversation and a way of life this summer. The undoubtably coolest place to take in all the action in LA was at Nike Sportswear’s Montalban theater in Hollywood. They packed them in like sardines all summer long and finally on Sunday to shout, cheer, and blow those damn horns! Thanks again Nike Sportswear for bringing us to celebrate the copa mundial and the awesome space you guys presented in The Montalban,