Dew Tour 2013: Ocean City, MD



Lensley headed east to Ocean City, Maryland for the kick off of the 2013 Dew Tour! First Stop: The Beach Championships. During the 4 day event featuring skateboarding, BMX and other extreme sports, Lensley hit the beach with Toyota to ensure it wasn’t just the pros who were getting some sick air!




Dew Tour attendees of all ages were able to pose on a BMX bike or skateboard, and thanks to the magic of green screen, Lensley got some great photos of them jumping over a brand new 2014 Corolla! Afterwards, guests were able to use iPads installed inside a 2014 Toyota Prius to share the photos to their various social media channels.






The Dew Tour is a great place to see your favorite BMX riders and skaters, but Lensley made sure everyone could (safely) throw some rad tricks! But as it turned out, pro-BMX riders Jamie Bestwick & Drew Bezanson couldn’t stay away either!





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