It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Lensley!



The unveiling of a new aircraft is a momentous occasion — and the event celebrating it had to be equally epic. So Lensley headed north to Washington to make sure our client captured it in style!


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The event in Washington was an opportunity for the employees and engineers who worked on the plane to celebrate their new aircraft. Lensley set up 12 Lensley Automatic devices around two airplanes, positioned with a specific section of the plane in the background, so employees could pose in front of the various elements they worked on. Even with all these machines the lines got long, and over the course of a very long day (all three shifts!), we shot over 4000 employees.




Each of the 12 Lensley Automatic devices displayed a real-time slideshow on a large screen. To top it off, all the images (from the 12 devices) were fed to a massive LED wall (and the live webstream) so everyone could see the fantastic results. Once employees had their photo taken at a Lensley device, they were also able to email the image to themselves, and share it to their preferred social channels.




The weather was typical of the Pacific Northwest — cold, rainy, and with winds gusting over 50MPH — but neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Lensley from delivering your photos.

Have an ambitious event of your own to shoot? Drop us a line, we can make it happen.

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